Logistics + Planning

It's one hour to the start of your event, are you sure you have everything? Any missed detail, regardless of how minute, can create an unwanted affect.
Every event is unique and requires so much more than just video, sound, and lighting. Relax knowing that the VLS Productions logistics team can help you make it through an event with minimal stress. Let us be the middle-man when it comes to coordinating details such as: electrical needs, bathrooms, safety and egress, production aspects, staging, vendors, ticketing, and bands/artists needs to name just a few.
Better yet, let us be your full service event logistics and production team. Why? Because we already know what we need to make everything on our end operate smoothly, allowing us to focus on what you need to create a successful event.
Live events can be among the hardest events to capture, with a number of variables that cannot be controlled. VLS Productions prepares extensively for these variables to make sure you get the best capture and coverage of your live event, which only occurs once.
Problems arise when planning for any event. We believe that every problem has a realistic and attainable solution. Through innovative ideas and willingness to try new methods, VLS Productions is ready to pave a new path when planning your event.
Let us be your point people. We'll make sure that all the outside vendors are where they need to be when they need to be there. Relax, we'll do the stressing for you.