Lighting Production

Lighting production, lighting sales, and lighting installs by VLS Productions of Fort Atkinson, WI.
Take a concert and remove the lights from the stage. You are left with two things, one being a band playing in the dark and the other being a noticeable decrease in crowd energy. A good light show is just as important as the group it is lighting up.
VLS Productions has the capability to provide lighting for most events, indoor or outdoor. We believe it is important to take into consideration the type of event as well as crowd needs, which is reflected during the programming phase.
Need something more permanent? We are product representatives for Blizzard Lighting, which provides us with fixtures that are perfect for install situations.
We are serious about lighting. How serious? So serious that we are product representatives for Blizzard Lighting. We make sure that our lighting is up to 'par' with all industry standards and is built to last for any indoor or outdoor installs we perform.
Uplighting has increased in use recently for architecture and events. It is a fantastic way to accent any room, allowing for a controlled color wash of a space. It's also a perfect way to add beauty and draw positive attention to your building.
VLS Productions has the capability to deploy a wide array of lighting systems for every type of show. We can even model and program an entire light show to your specifications with our software.

At Blizzard Lighting, we are entertainers just like you.  We know the frustration of working with lights that are hard to program, tempermental, and just plain way too expensive.  If you've been looking for lights for your DJ business, band, production company, club, or wherever, we think you'll find Blizzard's products right up your alley!

Thanks in advance for your interest in Blizzard Lighting!  We hope to win you over as a customer.  We know if we do, you will be one for life!

-Blizzard Lighting